The OTB delivery and merchandising system is uniquely designed to help bakeries sell more baked goods, to more customers, for more money, more often, more efficiently.

About Out of The Box Inc.

Out of The Box Inc. is changing the way the baking industry delivers baked goods to major retail customers, by replacing the traditional plastic tray with an innovative one-way corrugated cardboard tray system - OTB *

OTB corrugated cardboard system is the first, palletized, all-in-one, delivery and merchandising system.

This groundbreaking system is capable of delivering baked goods across the country in retail-ready, palletized form - from the bakery direct to the retail floor.

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OTB Tray System

Our Out of The Box corrugated cardboard tray is a truly innovative hybrid distribution system.

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Access New Markets

OTB one-way system gives you access to the entire North American market.

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Value Engineering

The purpose of OTB is to maximize the value of every trailer load of baked goods plus drive down the cost of packaging, distribution and display.

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