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Out of The Box™ (OTB) comprises a dynamic group of innovative-thinking baking experts with direct experience in owning and operating a commercial bakery.

We offer strategic solutions designed for more efficient production and distribution of baked goods.

OTB System

Our Out of The Box corrugated cardboard tray is a truly innovative hybrid distribution system.

It is a one-way DRP (Display Ready Pallet) and as a result, has been recognized by bakeries and major retailers alike, as a more efficient, cost-effective and attractive delivery and merchandising solution.

OTB has been engineered to serve as an all-in-one, one-way packaging, shipping, storage and floor merchandiser.

OTB Delivery and Merchandising System

The OTB tray delivery and merchandising system has been designed to serve the baked goods industry in a multitude of ways.

While the primary benefit of OTB is the ability to ship more product per trailer load in a much more cost-efficient manner it also represents a far more environmentally friendly solution.

OTB is made from 80% post-consumer recycled material and is fully recyclable.

This one-way Display-Ready Palletized solution is designed to deliver baked goods from the bakery to the retail floor in the most efficient manner.

It replaces the traditional plastic which is less efficient but more costly and also requires on-going maintenance and replacement.

Bakeries can depend on OTB to deliver 67% more baked goods than traditional tray systems (based on a 53' trailer load) at a fraction of the cost for a plastic tray.

One OTB tray costs approximately 1/14th the cost of a conventional plastic tray and it eliminates the annual replacement cost for plastic trays that can amount to millions of dollars annually. By replacing the closed-loop plastic tray system OTB pays for itself and delivers an ROI of 300% (see slide 17).

The use of conventional plastic trays adds significant costs throughout the entire process ... distribution, merchandising and maintenance. Currently bakeries are faced with substantial financial costs related to; reverse logistics, tray tracking and retrieval, loading and unloading during washing cycle and replacement of lost or misplaced trays.

With the OTB all-in-one, one-way distribution and merchandising system, these costs are either eliminated entirely or reduced significantly.

OTB Tray System

Our Out of The Box corrugated cardboard tray is a truly innovative hybrid distribution system.

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Access New Markets

OTB one-way system gives you access to the entire North American market.

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Value Engineering

The purpose of OTB is to maximize the value of every trailer load of baked goods plus drive down the cost of packaging, distribution and display.

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