Manufacturing Compatibility

Standard automatic tray formers or box folding machines can be used in-line to form the OTB corrugated tray, with any baking production equipment.

OTB's unique design of self-locking tabs makes automated packaging with OTB completely straightforward.

The OTB system is very easily integrated in the same tray loading process used with plastic trays – but more efficiently. Only minor configuration adjustments are needed for integrating the OTB tray packaging and stacking system.

An added advantage of using the OTB system is the elimination of manually handling conventional plastic tray stacks at the de-nester stage.

A variety of tray formers specifically designed for the baking industry are readily available as well as standard palletizers and wrapping robots.

OTB Tray System

Our Out of The Box corrugated cardboard tray is a truly innovative hybrid distribution system.

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Access New Markets

OTB one-way system gives you access to the entire North American market.

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Value Engineering

The purpose of OTB is to maximize the value of every trailer load of baked goods plus drive down the cost of packaging, distribution and display.

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