OTB Enables Bakeries to Access New Markets

As a one-way distribution system, OTB is ideal for bakeries looking for new markets that can't be accessed with traditional plastic trays, because they require reverse logistics.

Markets once considered too far from bakery production can now be easily serviced with the one-way OTB tray system.

OTB tray system also reduces product handling all the way from bakery to the retail floor. And, because the baked goods and the OTB trays are shrink wrapped prior to shipping, this process ensures product quality with an extra level of product protection.

Quality assurance built-in

The OTB system successfully met a 1A Vibration test conducted by North American Testing Services, which involved subjecting a full pallet load of product to a simulation test equivalent to travelling 5,000 kms.

The result demonstrated OTB's ability to transport baked goods in perfect condition and well beyond a bakery's typical trading area.

The same full pallet load was also subjected to a separate Compression Test to determine OTB's capability of withstanding compression so as not to collapse during transport or Cold Storage.

Result – OTB withstood deflection load of 1,995 lbs.

Furthermore, when it comes to cost efficiency OTB simply can't be matched.

OTB Cubing Specifications for Bread and Buns

OTB Tray System

Our Out of The Box corrugated cardboard tray is a truly innovative hybrid distribution system.

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Access New Markets

OTB one-way system gives you access to the entire North American market.

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Value Engineering

The purpose of OTB is to maximize the value of every trailer load of baked goods plus drive down the cost of packaging, distribution and display.

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