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Oct 1, 2015 - By Theresa Cogswell

What is ESL really?

For people in the world of education, ESL stands for “English as a second language.” For those of us in the baking industry, ESL stands for “extended shelf life.” Yet there were many times during the development of ESL for bread, buns and snack cakes that I thought it stood for “extra severe lashing” — tongue lashing, that is.

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April 1, 2015 - By Oliver Nieburg

Cardboard tray system slashes bakers' costs and could reduce retail bread prices

Replacing plastic trays with a cardboard system could allow US retailers to slash US bread prices while maintaining profit margins and lowering costs for manufacturers, says the maker of the new method Out of the Box.

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March 1, 2015

All-in-one delivery and merchandising system

Toronto-based Out of the Box (OTB) has developed a fully cubed, cardboard, retail-ready, palletized packaging system capable of getting more loaves into one truck than ever before - 67 per cent more loaves and up to 100 per cent more with some baked products.

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November 20, 2014

Out of the Box Inc. (OTB*) Reinvents Bread Delivery and Merchandising System

This innovative one-way, all-in-one delivery and merchandising system is about to change the industry.

Toronto, ON, November 20, 2014 - Inventors and baking experts Terry and Mike Juma who previously owned and operated a commercial bakery, have developed OTB a fully cubed cardboard, retail-ready palletized, one-way packaging system capable of distributing baked goods world wide from bakeries direct to store.

"Eliminating the need for Distribution Centres, costly & repeated handling, tray tracking, retrieval and cleaning, this innovative delivery solution will also be far more environmentally responsible, mitigating negative factors associated with existing plastic trays", said Mike Juma.

Containing 80% post-consumer recycled material, the OTB one-way corrugated cardboard tray system is completely recyclable and can carry 67% more product than traditional plastic trays.

Based on the standard 53' tractor-trailer, bakeries are currently limited to 1288 trays containing 10 loaves per tray delivering 12,880 loaves maximum per trailer load.

"Our OTB corrugated cardboard tray system has the capacity to carry an unprecedented 21,600 loaves of bread in the same 53' trailer, based on 18 loaves of bread per tray x 20 trays per pallet x 60 pallets - an increase of 67% with one-way distribution. And, OTB is display-ready immediately after it's unloaded", said Juma.

The former commercial bakery owners and operators developed this concept more than a dozen years ago in order to minimize the high amount of handling of perishable baked goods from bakery to retail store. Net result is a far more efficient and cost-effective distribution and merchandizing solution.

OTB also offers bakeries opportunities to reach new markets well beyond their traditional trading areas with this one-way distribution and display system.

This display-ready, palletized system is available now to bakeries throughout North America. Out of the Box Inc., has partnered with Norampac a Division of Cascades Canada ULC in offering this innovative solution for commercial bakeries and grocery retailers alike.

About OTB

Out of The Box Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario is a strategic solution provider to the baked goods industry and dedicated to developing industry solutions that contribute to economic success while respecting the environment. To find out more about OTB, visit: www.outoftheboxinc.ca

*Patent Pending

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